Pawsitive Home

phpNew Project To Help Pet Owners In Need Of Food, Medical Care, & Legal Help To Keep Pets With Families, Happy, Safe, & Out Of Shelters.

Pawsitive Home is a newly created program aimed at helping struggling pet owners to keep their fur family at home and out of shelters & rescues. We are also determined to bring new laws to help families and pets and to end corruption within certain agencies. There are many of us out there yet animal control & shelters would rater you not keep your pet so therefor they never inform pet owners of service such as ours. We plan to make it well know that we & others like us exist.

We offer a few different services at the moment to struggling families to help with pets from help with food, pet supplies, medical expenses, legal fee’s for different situations, & some help with housing for homeless families who have pets. We hope to add more at a later date once we are more established.


Food and Pet Supply Assistance

If you are unable to afford food and/or pet supplies for your pet we can help. Some of the items we can help with include.

  •  Dog or cat food. (and hay for horses)
  •  Cat litter.
  •  Puppy training pads.
  •  Leashes, collars and other pet related items.
  •      Hay for Horses

Legal Services

If you are needing legal assistance with animal control problems, ownership disputes, dog bite issues, or other pet related legal issues we may be able to provide some financial assistance.

Medical Care

If you are in need of emergency medical help for your pet and are unable to cover the cost we may be able to help. Some of the medical fees we can help cover the costs for include.

  •  Emergency veterinary visits
  •  Vaccinations
  •  Spay and neuter
  •  Medication (such as flea and heartworm medication, antibiotics)
  •      Surgery

Housing Assistance

If you are needing a mediator with landlord pet issues we may be able to provide some help. If you are currently homeless or about to become homeless we can also help with temporary boarding fee’s for pets, and maybe more as we get more funding.


Rules and for Applicants Applying for Assistance

  • NO services offered to shelters, kennels, rescues, or fosters.
  •  Applicant must be applying for their pets only.
  •  Pets cannot be up for sell or adoption.
  •  Applicants can only apply once in a 30 day time period.
  •  Applicants must re-apply every 30 days.
  •  Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Applicant must live within the United States. (Will expand to other countries in the future.)
  •  Applicant must show proof of ownership.
  •  Applicant must show proof of need.

Income Guidelines

If applicant has received assistance from a food pantry, trustees, or other type of low income public assistance program and can show proof of receiving assistance, they will qualify for services as long as they meet above rules. Additional, income information will not be required.

Working individuals (who have not received assistance from food pantries or trustees) will have to provide the following information to be considered.

  •  Proof and amount of monthly income.
  •  Household size.
  •  List of all expenses going out.

If the applicant has wasted their financial resources they will not qualify for assistance.

Please view and share the printable assistance packet with your local shelters and veterinary clinics.

Asistance Packet

For more information on the Pawsitive Home Project click the link below.