Missing: Darcy

Darcy is a male brown chihuahua mix who is missing from the Waterbury, CT 06708 area. The owner can be contacted via this website or on twitter @Isabel_M_Silva

Found: German Shepherd Mix Puppy

A german shepherd mix puppy was found in Muncie Indiana on 1/24/15. The puppy is approximately five weeks old, a male, and in perfect health. This puppy was found in a dumpster according to a report from the local news paper. I believe this dog may have been stolen and put there giving the health of the…

Missing: Baxter

Baxter is missing from Katy, TX near N. Fry & Clay and Westfield. If seen call 910-200-6799 or tweet to @findBAXTER Baxter was lost on 1/3/15 and weighed 25lbs. Baxter also has a Curled tail. #findBAXTER

Missing: Dutch

Dutch is a reddish brown male pit missing from the Granby Missouri area! The 1st 6 pictures were taken 2 weeks before he went missing! He was 83 lbs when he went missing & wearing a black collar & a blue tick & flea collar! He has scars on his back legs & behind his…

Pet Adoption Applications Asking for Too Much Information

After my blog about pet adoption inquiry forms asking for too much information from people inquiring about pets up for adoption I decided to take a look at pet adoption applications to see if they are asking for too much information as well. Nowadays with crime rates up it is extremely unsafe to give out…