End or Reform Mega Adoption Expos Project


How do you know a dog or cat is going to a good home?

Have you ever asked the question to a shelter “how do you know a dog or cat is going to a good home?” Most of us have. And the common answer is that they do screenings. They do background checks, call references, and sometimes do home inspections. But at adoption events the screening process is minimized to get done faster or eliminated all together. This opens up the door for people like dog fighters to be able to come from another county or state and adopt dogs. Mega adoption events also usually only charge a small fee for adopting (between $5-$35). This makes it even easier for dog fighters to afford the dogs. But , song get me wrong. I’m not saying the low adoption fee is a bad thing, I am simply saying the screening process should be more extensive during these events. Especially since its not just dealing with the local community. I am not saying ask too much information but a application process should be done.

WARNING Stolen Pets May be Sold At These Events

In addition, Stolen pets may be sold at mega adoption events by corrupt shelters who steel pets to flip for a profit. Shelter who are known for stealing people’s pets have participated in these events before and are on the calendars for future events. What better way to get a stolen dog or cat sold without the owner finding out than to do it at a adoption expo. Our belief is that if mega adoption events continue to work with steal shelters to sell animals they are part of the theft problem and needs shut down.

Shelters who steal pets to flip know that they can sell stolen pets at these events to people who aren’t local and in turn put these animals at risk. (But as we all know they don’t care and are just looking to make money). We need to shut the events that allow steal shelter to sell at their events down and reform the rest of them.

#NoMegaAdoptionExpos and #MegaAdoptionReform

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