​Missing: Chief

​Missing: Chief, Pit Bull,  8 Years old  Beatys Chapel Rd, Tellico Plains, TN  missing since February 18 2016. REWARD!!! TODAY is DAY 72, and CHIEF IS STILL MISSING!!! HE’S BEEN MISSING SINCE FEB. 18TH FROM BEATYS CHAPEL RD, TELLICO PLAINS, MONROE COUNTY, TN!!! VERY FRIENDLY, and ALWAYS WANTS ATTENTION! He is NOT neutered, NO tags or collar on when he went missing, and NOT microchipped! PLEASE SHARE! Someone MUST have seen him, or KNOWS where he is, if so, I BEG YOU, PLEASE contact me!!! You will remain completely anonymous! I have had him since he was a puppy, and I just want my boy BACK HOME! He is LOVED and MISSED BEYOND WORDS!!! If you have him, PLEASE BRING HIM HOME, NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED!!! Thank you to everyone who has shared so far, hopefully someone, somewhere, will see all the love shared by so many people, and he will be home VERY SOON! #bringingchiefhome
If seen contact
Name: Cheryl Haralson
Email: cherieh72@gmail.com

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