Missing: Boscoe

untitledPets Name: Boscoe

Breed: Huskie

Age: 6

Where was the pet lost or found: Arlington tx

When was the pet lost or found: 3/30/16

Boscoe is missing. I have posted this on all the sites I know of and will put signs up in the neighborhood (Green Oaks/I-20…Arlington,Tx 76016) but if you should come across this sweet 6 year old 55 lb chipped husky/lab mix, please call me at 281-793-1674. He answers to his name. He can sit, shake and speak on command. He does like to jump on “new friends” and old friends 🙂 he likes to lick, and he is unique in that he doesn’t bark. We had roofers by the house this afternoon and they either didn’t close the gate latch or it was loosened by the storms. I let him out as a last night bathroom break. This was at 8:50 pm. He was out maybe 6 minutes until we figured out his escape. We hit the ground searching, but it is just too dark to see anything. We are praying for him through the night to find his way home. All the lights are on buddy!

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