Woman Doesn’t Believe Trainer’s Claim that Her Dog is Dead

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ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) — A woman has become obsessed with finding out what happened to her 3-year-old German Shepherd, Dozier.

Fort Gay resident Paula Bellomy says she went on vacation and left Dozier in perfectly fine health with a trainer from Ashland who’d been recommended.

When Paula returned, she was told via text message Dozier had died and been buried.

“I offered to go get him,” Paula said. “I said I have a shovel and a bag. I’ll come dig him up. We just want him back. I wanted to be able to have closure on what happened to him, because she said he’d died, and maybe he had worms. He didn’t have worms.”

Paula says the trainer then claimed Dozier had died a week earlier than she originally claimed.

“She now puts the date of his supposed death at June 21,” Paula said. “On the 21st of June and subsequent days after that, she told me how she was doing extra training with him.”

Then Paula says she was told Dozier’s buried carcass was gone.

“When she went to get him, supposedly an animal had dug him up and drug him off, which, that’s not going to happen,” Paula said. “They’re not going to drag the entire carcass off.”

Nobody was home when we went to that trainer’s address in Ashland Monday.

A neighbor who requested to remain anonymous says they haven’t seen her since May.

“The dogs I saw her care for, she didn’t care for very well,” the neighbor said.

Paula says she suspects the trainer sold Dozier. She also believes proof that her pet is dead is not too much to ask for.

“As long as I don’t have him to bury, to me he’s still out there,” she said, “and I’m going to keep looking.”

Our messages to that trainer have not been returned. We’ll keep trying to get her side of the story.

Kentucky State Police are investigating the case.

Paula says the trainer offered to meet at a gas station to pick up the dog to save time.

Paula says she had believed she’d done enough vetting and that the trainer had seemed legitimate, but she says she’ll never leave a pet with someone she doesn’t know again.

She says she had a chip embedded in Dozier that can prove his identity if it is scanned.


There is a petition on change.org to get justice for Dozier. The details from the petition and a link to it are below.


Get Justice for Dozier with charges against this trainer and help make changes to Kentucky’s animal rights laws, enabling prosecution to those who mistreat or mishandle these animals.

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