Pet Adoption Applications Asking for Too Much Information

untitledAfter my blog about pet adoption inquiry forms asking for too much information from people inquiring about pets up for adoption I decided to take a look at pet adoption applications to see if they are asking for too much information as well. Nowadays with crime rates up it is extremely unsafe to give out too much personal information about yourself, your family, and your furfamily.

Pet adoption applications are asking for information such as where you live, how long your gone every day, who lives in your household and there ages, how many pets you have, where they are kept, when they are alone, there breeds, age, and lastly, your veterinary information. In the wrong hands this information can be dangerous.

With pet theft on the rise and the new trend of flipping pets to make a profit pet owners should be leery of releasing too much information about your furfamily. Shelters and rescues need to cut down on their questions to only what is necessary. They do not need to know how many hours out of the day you are not at home or if and how many pets you have. There is no reason they need to know these things. Even if they say it because some animals aren’t good around others they don’t need to ask these questions. They should just inform potential adopters of this face and if anything ask if you have ever owned a pet.

What else is wrong with adoption applications?

In addition to asking for too much information on pet adoption applications that are also requiring those adopting to agree to spay and neuter any pets they adopt. This is not required by law and should not be required in order to own a pet. This will lead to the extinction of animals. I will be covering this subject in more detail in a future blog.

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