Missing: Felicia


MISSING: Felicia is a 6 month old Lutino Cockatiel bird who responds to “Felicia” “Birdy-Bird” and Felee-lee. She is hand tame, but does not always choose to go to strangers.  When she flies to us, she usually flies to land on our heads.  She’s flighted, not banded, and has been with us since she was a tiny baby, as we took her in as a rescue from a hoarding case when she was only 10 days old. We are not far from New Hampshire, we are in Merrimac, MA, right on the border of Newton, NH.  Felicia went missing from near the intersection of Harriman Road and Red Oak Acres, Merrimac.

Please contact us with any information.  We love her so much, we are devastated. winterfell76@yahoo.com

Pets Name: Felicia
Breed: Lutino Cockatiel
Age: 6 months
Where was the pet lost: Merrimac, MA, USA
When was the pet lost: September 13, 2014


2 thoughts on “Missing: Felicia

  1. We are still searching for Felicia, and she was last seen in the area of Lakewoods Dr neighborhood, West Shore Road Neighborhood, and the area between on Bear Hill Rd in Merrimac, MA. We’re working very hard to find her and bring her home!

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