Tips for posting missing pet posts on Twitter.


There are many different ways that you can post your missing pets details on Twitter to help get them found. I have been watching to see what ways of posting alerts gets the most attention and I have created a list that I believe will ensure maximum viewing and sharing.

Of course there is the stupid 140 character limit so every letter counts. If needed to conserve room replace words like with to W/ that will give you a little bit more room to type.

Since you won’t have enough room to put everything into your post you will have to leave it to the most important details like location, age, weight, distinctive markings or colors. I suggest if you haven’t already creating a website, blog, or Facebook page that you can post all the information about your pet to including multiple pictures, videos, your contact information, or whatever else could help find your missing pet.

1. Start your post with a word like Missing, lost, stolen, or found followed by : 2. Include your pets name and any other details that you can think of that might be important in finding your pet. 3. Include a link to a website, blog, or Facebook page with more details on your missing pet. 4. If you have room include your Twitter @ sign. 5. Lastly, add a picture of your missing pet to the post. People will respond abd share posts with pictures of missing pets more then they will for posts without pictures.

Below I have created an example of a good tweet.

“Missing: Dog, Name, 1yr, brown w/ white spots, chipped, Sometown, NY. That Rd. (123) 456-7890.”

This is the format I have came up with that will ensure maximum viewing and sharing. Remember that Twitter doesn’t allow posting of addresses so do not include your address.

Thanks for reading and please share this post with others. #TheAMPAS – Missing Pet Alert.

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